Share Investment points to be noted

Do not wait for the right time ..! Many stock market investors think they can enter the market (Timing the market) over time. Some are waiting for the market to come down even better when it is down. But, the market goes down a bit and goes up. Still others say the market is at a new high. Now they are waiting for the down payment to buy at a higher price. But then the market goes up without dying. Therefore, there is no need to look at the time period to invest in company stocks. Until now no one has predicted the stock market volatility 100 percent; Can't predict. Technical analysis will be somewhat helpful. Predicting the ups and downs of the stock market is impossible for anyone. Expect a reasonable profit ..! Some people invest in the stock market looking at 50%, 100% profit per year for unfairness. This is the biggest mistake. In general, the stock market can be expected to benefit from the numerical gain available by combining the country's GDP growth rate and inflation rate. For example, if the country's GDP growth rate is 7 percent and inflation is 6 percent, one can expect a return of 13% or a maximum of 15% on stock market investment. According to Asset Allocation, it is wise to convert the profit to a different risk free investment when the return is more than 15% per annum.

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